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The Actor Form's Traits Tab sets the Actor's basic race and voice data.

  • Race: Choose the race of the NPC.
  • Female Checkbox:
    • If unchecked, the actor is male, and only male voices are displayed in the voice list.
    • If checked, the actor is female, and only female voices are displayed in the voice list.
  • Skin: Changes the default skin on the Actor's model. Only relevant if this Actor has a unique skin that overrides the normal skin for its race (eg. Briar-Hearts).
  • Height: Adjusts the height of the Actor, with a default of 1.0. Even small adjustments here (0.01) are very noticeable.
  • Weight: Adjusts the weight of the Actor, on a scale of 0-100.
  • Far-Away Model: A model to use when the character is visible from a long distance, and the range at which this model is used.
  • Voice Type: The voice used when this NPC speaks.
  • Weapon List: Not used.
  • Alignment: Not used.
  • Disposition Base: Not used.
  • Death Item: The item added to the NPC's inventory when he dies. Must be a leveled item list.
  • Opposite Gender Anims: Whether the Actor should use the animations for the opposite gender whenever gender-specific animations exist.
    • For example, a tough female bandit might have this checked to reduce the amount of hip-swaying in her walk animation.

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