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In your mod, you may want to automatically add a new item to the player's inventory. Like for instance, you may have created a new sword and you want to give it directly to the player rather than putting it into a chest, dropping it loose on the ground, having a vendor sell it, or HEAVEN FORBID, making the gamer type in a console code including those first two tricky digits of the FormID in order to get it.

To do this you can use a quest script that runs once when you first play the game after installing the mod. It gives the player the item, and then ends the quest to eliminate processor drag. Easier said than done. You have to do a fair number of steps to build such a mod, and if you are a new modder, the idea of it can be quite intimidating.

But here is a template and tutorial you can download: Auto-Add Your Item To Player Template. The template is a fully playable mod that gives sample items to the player via quest script. You can edit this modders resource template to give out the items you want to give to the player. The tutorial is written at a fairly low level for beginners. It is 21 pages long, contains 34 images, and is in PDF format. It explains how to edit the Papyrus fragments, the quest script, and the properties in order to make the template do what you want it to. This might even be your foot in the door that helps you understand how properties work in Skyrim and why you haven't been able to get your scripts to compile in the past. --David Brasher 21:21, 9 March 2012 (EST)