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SKSE Member of: ObjectReference Script

This Function will set a ObjectReference's health (tempering state) to the specified amount. Works on weapons and armours, including clothes and rings.


Function SetItemHealthPercent(Float health) native


  • health - The amount, as a float you wish to set the Object's health to.

See GetItemHealthPercent - ObjectReference for values to use and what they correspond to.


ObjectReference Property weaponRef Auto
Float currenthealth
Function TemperWeapon(float tempering)
	currenthealth = weaponRef.GetItemHealthPercent()
	weaponref.SetItemHealthPercent(currenthealth +tempering)
  • Do note that this will only work on a weapon/armour that is currently loaded and not in a container.


  • This function can only be run on items outside of containers, as when they are put into containers member functions cannot be called on them.

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