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Member of: Actor Script

Sets this actor's current critical stage, along with applying any related effects.


Function SetCriticalStage(int aiStage) native


  • aiStage: The critical stage to set it to. The following values are acceptable (properties are read-only and exist in the actor script):
    • CritStage_None (0) - No critical stage
    • CritStage_GooStart (1) - Start of the goo effect
    • CritStage_GooEnd (2) - End of the goo effect (removes object from the world)
    • CritStage_DisintegrateStart (3) - Start of the disintegrate effect
    • CritStage_DisintegrateEnd (4) - End of the disintegrate effect (removes object from the world)

Return Value



; Tell skeleton to start disintigrating

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