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SKSE Member of: ActorBase Script

Set the combat style of this actor. (This function requires SKSE)


Function SetCombatStyle(combatstyle cs) native


  • combatstyle: the combat style we choose for this actorbase.

Return Value



  • This is a function performed on an ActorBase, meaning all Actors derived from this will have this combat style.
  • SKSE does not provide CombatStyle properties as of yet. You'll have to put the combat style in a FormList, then cast it to a CombatStyle.
  • Combat Styles are locked for the duration of combat, if an Actor is in combat when this is called their combat style will not change.


FormList Property List Auto
ActorBase pActorBase = Game.GetPlayer().GetActorBase()
pActorBase.SetCombatStyle(List.GetAt(1) as CombatStyle)

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