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SKSE Member of: ActorBase Script

Set the class of this actor. (This function requires SKSE)


Function SetClass(Class c) native


  • Class: the new class for this Actor.

Return Value



  • This is a function performed on an ActorBase, meaning all Actors derived from this will have this class.
  • Like most SKSE functions performed on an ActorBase, the change will not persist across gaming sessions. If you want a class change for an Actor to persist, you will need to implement the class change via the OnPlayerLoadGame() event or a similar mechanism.
  • In most cases, the skills of an Actor whose class has been changed via SetClass will not immediately update to reflect the distribution specified by their new class. An actor set to a PC level multiplier will update their skills the next time the PC levels up. Other techniques, such as toggling the actor's race, can be used to induce a more immediate re-evaluation of skills.


Class Property Berserker Auto
ActorBase pActorBase = Game.GetPlayer().GetActorBase()

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