SetAllowFlyingEx - Actor

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Member of: Actor Script (Requires 1.6)

Sets whether this actor is allowed to fly or not. If not, and they are flying, will land the actor. This is an extended version of SetAllowFlying - Actor.


Function SetAllowFlyingEx(bool abAllowed = true, bool abAllowCrash = true, bool abAllowSearch = false) native


  • abAllowed: Whether to allow the actor to fly or not.
    • Default: True
  • abAllowCrash : Whether to allow the use of crash landing markers.
    • Default: True
  • abAllowSearch : Whether to allow for a procedural search for a landing spot.
    • Default: False

Return Value



; Set Dragon to be allowed to fly, and allow a search
Dragon.SetAllowFlyingEx(abAllowSearch = true)

; Set Emu to not be allowed to fly

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