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Member of: Debug Script

Sends an animation event to a reference directly.


Function SendAnimationEvent(ObjectReference arRef, string asEventName) native global


  • arRef: The reference to send the event to.
  • asEventName: The event to send.

Return Value



; Sends the dance event to the bard
Debug.SendAnimationEvent(BardRef, "Dance")


  • This bypasses the check on ObjectReference that prevents sending events to actors. If you use it to send an event to actors, you will most likely mess up the actor permanently as the internal actor data may no longer match their animation state.
  • SendAnimationEvent uses "Anim Events" under the Idle Manager, not the IDs. For example, to make an actor play the animation of attacking left, you must use "AttackStartLeftHand", not "LeftHandAttack" (its ID).
  • Animation Event's will actually cause the actor to perform the action associated with it. For example, sending the animation event "AttackStart" will cause the reference to perform an attack. Anything in front of it will get hurt. This example is true for all animation event's. For example, sending the "DeathAnim" will actually kill the actor.

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