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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Causes this reference to speak a topic as if it were the specified actor.


Function Say(Topic akTopicToSay, Actor akActorToSpeakAs = None, bool abSpeakInPlayersHead = false) native


  • akTopicToSay: The topic the object should say
  • akActorToSpeakAs: The actor this object reference should use to speak as (passed to topic conditions and used to select voices). This parameter is ignored if this function is called on an actor. If it is none, no actor will be used for conditions.
    • Default: None
  • abSpeakInPlayersHead: Should the voice come from within the player's head?
    • Default: False

Return Value



; Have the actor say the topic

; Have the statue speak the topic as if it were the town guard
Statue.Say(HaltTopic, TownGuard)


  • For full dialogue as a different actor, you probably want TalkingActivator.
  • If used on an actor and that actor attempts to initiate normal dialogue (for example a random greeting) while saying something through Say(), the game will crash to desktop.
  • ObjectReferences aren't exempt from the need for a SEQ file. If one hasn't been generated, the Say function may fail.

See Also

  • Say console command.
  • SayTo console command.