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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Resets this object reference to its original location, resets its inventory, resurrects it if it's an actor, and in general tries to get it back to its original state. May optionally move it to the location of the specified reference instead.


Function Reset(ObjectReference akTarget = None) native


  • akTarget: The reference to optionally move the reset the object to.
    • Default: None

Return Value



; Reset Joe to his original state

; Reset Joe to his original state, but positioned at the specified marker


  • This function doesn't completely reset it to the esm like you might think. For instance, faction and relationship data isn't reset.
  • If the object being reset is not loaded, this optional parameter will do nothing, and the reset reference will be reset to its editor location.
  • Actors don't assume correct position after reset, they appear under the navmesh/terrain in a strange angle, use with caution
  • The above can be solved by calling MoveToMyEditorLocation() after calling Reset() on the actor. You may need to use a Utility.Wait() time of 0.1 seconds.Source

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