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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Removes all items from this object's inventory, optionally transferring them to another object.


Function RemoveAllItems(ObjectReference akTransferTo = None, bool abKeepOwnership = false, bool abRemoveQuestItems = false) native


  • akTransferTo: The object to transfer the items we removed to.
    • Default: None
  • abKeepOwnership: Should the item's ownership be kept when moved to the other object?
    • Default: False
  • abRemoveQuestItems: Should we remove quest items?
    • Default: False

Return Value



  • When called on a dead actor, will not retrieve the weapon if it flew from the actor's hand on death.
  • This can be called to easily store a dead actor's quest items before cleaning up the corpse. Simply call RemoveAllItems with abRemoveQuestItems set to false first to delete the non-quest items, then use Utility.Wait(1.0) since the function is non-latent, then call RemoveAllItems with abRemoveQuestItems set to true and with akTransferTo set to some persistent container where the player can retrieve the items.


; Remove all items from the chest

The next example doesn't seem to work - see Discussion.

; Remove all items (including quest items) from the player's inventory
Game.GetPlayer().RemoveAllItems(abRemoveQuestItems = true)

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