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Member of: ActiveMagicEffect Script, Alias Script, and Form Script

Registers this active magic effect/alias/form for a single update game time event. Of course, this means you don't need to call UnregisterForUpdateGameTime(). Only the specific form, alias, or magic effect that registered will get the event - it will not be relayed to attached aliases or magic effects.


Function RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime(float afInterval) native


  • afInterval: In how much time (in game hours) the OnUpdateGameTime() should be triggered

Return Value



; Just tell us when 5 days have passed in game
RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime(120.0) ; 24 * 5


  • Aliases and quests will automatically unregister for this event when the quest stops. Active magic effects will automatically unregister when they are removed.
  • Registering for game time updates is only possible after the player has received full player controls. For the default game the earliest a game time update can be registered is when the player gets their hands freed just inside Helgen Keep (MQ101 stage 240).
  • Using this function could cause your game to freeze under any of the following conditions:
    • afInterval is less than some number between 0.0244 and 0.0238. (1.0 / 41.0 and 1.0 / 42.0)
    • afInterval is expressed as X / Y where X and Y are both integers (no decimal points) and evaluate to less than 1.

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