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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Intended as a quick way to cause some controller and camera rumble. Automatically tapers intensity of the effect based on players distance from the point of origin/calling reference.


bool Function rampRumble(float power = 0.5, float duration = 0.25, float falloff = 1600.0)
	if power > 1.0 || power <= 0
	float playerDist = game.getplayer().getDistance(self)
	if playerDist < falloff
		float intensity = (1 - (playerDist / falloff))
		intensity = intensity*power		
		if intensity > 1.0
			intensity = 1.0 
		elseif intensity <= 0
			intensity = 0
			return false
		game.shakeCamera(game.getPlayer(), intensity)
		game.shakeController(intensity, intensity, duration)
		return true
		return False


  • power: How powerful this rumble is at the point of origin
    • Default: 0.5, which is the half intensity. Valid values are 0.001 - 1.0, with 1.0 being the most intense effect possible
  • duration: how long should the effect last?
    • Default: 0.25
  • falloff: Radius of the effect. Most intense at calling reference, tapers to nothing at falloff distance
    • Default: 1600

Return Value

Returns false if no rumble is applied. (Invalid parameter values are clamped and won't cause it to fail)


; cause some intense camera/controller rumble originating from the marker, with a small radius
; send debug traces to let me know if any rumble was caused
if (!RumbleMarker.RampRumble(1.0, 0.25, 512.0))
     debug.trace("RampRumble() didn't cause any shake.  Player too far away?")
     debug.trace("player's world was rocked")

; simple controller/camera shake

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