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A quest objective includes text to be displayed, as well as a list of targets to appear on the compass. Each objective is numbered. The numbers are used as identifiers for the script commands. There is no special meaning to the order.

An objective can have one or more targets. When an objective is being displayed, all of its targets that pass their conditions will be displayed on the player's compass, map, and HUD (if the quest is currently active).


Quest Objectives Tab Data Fields

  • Objectives: Each objective has an Objective index, and display text. By right clicking in the window, you can add or delete an objective.
  • Quest Objective Data:
    • Index: Index of the objective, used for script functions dealing with turning them on/off and completing.
    • Display Text: What is displayed in the player's quest list and on the associated quest targets on the map when the objective is active.
    • ORed With Previous: When checked, if this objective and the previous one are both displayed, they will appear in the interface as a single objective (automatically combined with an "or" in between). Additionally, if one of a group of ORed objectives is completed, the whole "group" of objectives will be marked complete in the interface.
      • Example: Objective 10 "Kill the prisoner", and Objective 20 "Rescue the prisoner", with objective 20 marked "ORed with previous". If both are being displayed, they will appear in the interface as "Kill the prisoner OR Rescue the prisoner". Completing either objective 10 or 20 will cause the whole objective "Kill the prisoner OR Rescue the prisoner" to be marked "completed" in the player's quest list.
    • Quest Targets: Each target has a target alias and can have a set of conditions. By right clicking in the window, you can copy/paste a quest target, as well as delete one or add a new one.
    • Quest Target Data:
      • Target Ref: A target must point to one of this quest's Reference Aliases (see Quest Alias Tab).
      • Conditions: Note that the conditions are applied to the quest target. Note also that "Run on Target" is invalid for conditions on quest targets.
      • Compass Markers Ignore Locks: If checked, the path to the quest target will ignore locked doors (when showing the player the closest load door to reach the target). Otherwise, the path will attempt to avoid locked doors if possible.

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