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Member of: ImageSpaceModifier Script

Disables this image space modifier and immediately enables the new one at the specified strength, "popping" to it. Note that this will not affect any image space modifier crossfade going on, assuming both this and the new modifier aren't involved in it.


Function PopTo(ImageSpaceModifier akNewModifier, float afStrength = 1.0) native


  • akNewModifier: The new modifier to enable.
  • afStrength: How "strong" the effect will be. 0 is no effect, 1 is full effect, though the strength is not clamped to this range. Numbers outside this range may provide... interesting results.
    • Default: 1.0

Return Value



; Pop from modifier 1 to modifier 2 at full strength

; Pop from modifier 1 to modifier 2 at half strength
Mod1.PopTo(Mod2, 0.5)

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