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Member of: Faction Script

Has the player pay the crime gold on this faction, possibly removing any stolen items in their inventory and sending them to jail.


Function PlayerPayCrimeGold(bool abRemoveStolenItems = True, bool abGoToJail = True) native


  • abRemoveStolenItems: Whether to remove stolen items from the player's inventory or not.
    • Default: True
  • abGoToJail: Whether to send the player to the exterior jail marker or not. (The player is not actually put in jail, but moved to the spot where you'd be if you served time and were released from jail).
    • Default: True

Return Value



; Have the play pay the crime gold to the police, remove stolen items and sending them to jail

; Have the play pay the crime gold to the police, NOT remove stolen items, but sending them to jail
PoliceFactionProperty.PlayerPayCrimeGold(abGoToJail = true)

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