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Member of: VisualEffect Script

Plays this visual effect on the object for the specified duration in seconds - possibly facing the second object.


Function Play(ObjectReference akObject, float afTime = -1.0, ObjectReference akFacingObject = None) native


  • akObject: The object to play the effect on.
  • afTime: How long to play the effect for, in seconds. If time is negative, the effect will play until told to stop.
    • Default: -1.0
  • akFacingObject: What object the effect should face. Only works on effects that can be facing other objects.
    • Default: None

Return Value



; Play the soul-sucking effect on the werewolf until told to stop

; Play the soul-sucking effect on the werewolf - pointing it at the human
SoulSucking.Play(Werewolf, akFacingObject = Human)


  • The effects created by this function stack, so using it multiple times without stopping may cause frame rate issues.

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