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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Plays an impact effect on the reference.


bool Function PlayImpactEffect(ImpactDataSet akImpactEffect, string asNodeName = "", float afPickDirX = 0.0, float afPickDirY = 0.0, 
                                float afPickDirZ = -1.0, float afPickLength = 512.0, bool abApplyNodeRotation = false, 
                                bool abUseNodeLocalRotation = false) native


  • akImpactEffect: The ImpactDataSet to use for the impact effect.
  • asNodeName: The string for the node to be used to determine the pick origin.
    • Default: empty string
  • afPickDirX: The pick direction vector X value.
    • Default: 0
  • afPickDirY: The pick direction vector Y value.
    • Default: 0
  • afPickDirZ: The pick direction vector Z value.
    • Default: -1
  • afPickLength: The length to be used for the pick.
    • Default: 512
  • abApplyNodeRotation: Whether or not to apply the rotation of the node to the pick direction.
    • Default: false
  • abUseNodeLocalRotation: Whether or not to use the node's local rotation.
    • Default: false (so as to use the node's world rotation)

Return Value

True if impact effect is played.


; Play takeoff impact effect on Bob The Dragon's tail.
BobTheDragon.PlayImpactEffect(FXDragonTakeoffImpactSet, "NPC Tail8", 0, 0, -1, 512, true, false)

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