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Member of: Actor Script

Plays the idle passed and overrides the actor's target with the given target. If no target is passed, then the idle will use the actor's current target instead.


bool Function PlayIdleWithTarget(Idle akIdle, ObjectReference akTarget) native


  • akIdle: The idle to play on this actor.
  • akTarget: The target the actor should play the idle with - usually used for paired animations.

Return Value

True if the idle was successfully loaded and played, false otherwise.


; Start Hadvar's backstab paired idle against the thief
if Hadvar.PlayIdleWithTarget(Backstab, Thief)
  Debug.Trace("Hadvar just backstabbed the thief!")
  Debug.Trace("Something went wrong")


  • This function will cause the initiating actor to be stuck in combat alert status and unable to come out of it, no matter what combat based functions is called. To fix this, the package running must have the Weapon drawn flag checked. When checked, the alert status is back to normal when the package ends. See source for more info on how to use this in scenes.
  • A weapon needs to be equipped before an idle that normally requires a weapon is played. If you don't have a weapon equipped, the idle will still play, but you will not be able to equip spells/weapons after the idle is complete. You will have to reload. This is similar to the issue above, except you don't need to have the weapon drawn in this case.
  • DrawWeapon - Actor will prevent this function from firing if one decides to use it to handle the issue above.

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