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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Plays a legacy nif file based animation, optionally starting the animation over from the beginning with the specified ease-in time.


bool Function PlayGamebryoAnimation(string asAnimation, bool abStartOver = false, float afEaseInTime = 0.0) native


  • asAnimation: The animation to play.
  • abStartOver: Should the animation start over from the beginning?
    • Default: false
  • afEaseInTime: The amount of time to take to ease-in the animation, in seconds.
    • Default: 0.0

Return Value

True if the animation was started.


; Play the forward animation, don't start over, and don't ease it in

; Play the forward animation and ease it in over 1 second
DoorRef.PlayGamebryoAnimation("Forward", afEaseInTime = 1.0)

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