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Member of: Game Script

Plays the specified bink file.


Function PlayBink(string asFileName, bool abInterruptible = false, bool abMuteAudio = true, bool abMuteMusic = true, \
  bool abLetterbox = true) native global


  • asFileName: The bink file to play
  • abInterruptible: Is the movie interruptable?
    • Default: False
  • abMuteAudio: Should the normal game audio be muted?
    • Default: True
  • abMuteMusic: Should the game music be muted?
    • Default: True
  • abLetterbox: Should the movie be letterboxed, if necessary?
    • Default: True

Return Value



; Play the cool movie

; Play the cool movie, but allow it to be interrupted
Game.PlayBink("CoolMovie.bik", true)


When the movie is playing, the game (including Papyrus) is completely frozen, so use with care. It will not return until the movie is over, or the user has canceled the movie.

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