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Member of: ObjectReference Script (Papyrus)

Plays the specified animation on the object and returns when the specified event is hit. (Internally, it sends the named event to the object's animation graph and waits for the named event to be fired) If it succeeds, it returns true. This function is latent.


bool Function PlayAnimationAndWait(string asAnimation, string asEventName) native


  • asAnimation: The animation to play. (The name of the event to send to the animation graph)
  • asEventName: The name of the event to wait for.
    • Caution: If the event you send it doesn't exist, the function will never return.

Return Value

True if the animation successfully played and finished. If the animation unloads before the end event is received, the function will abort and return false.


; Play the flip animation and wait for the done event
if Switch.PlayAnimationAndWait("flip", "done")
  Debug.Trace("Flip animation finished playing")
  Debug.Trace("Flip animation failed to play or unloaded while playing")

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