Perk Fragments

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Perk fragment scripts extend Perk.

Run Time

Perk fragments are run either when something is activated and all conditions are met (run immediately is checked); or when something is activated, all conditions are met, and the player picks the appropriate option in the popup menu (run immediately is not checked).

Special Variables

  • akActor: This is the Actor that has the perk on him. With the current design, NPCs won't run activate entry point perk entries (which is where these fragments reside), so this will always be the player. It is still passed in case that design choice changes.
  • akTargetRef: The ObjectReference that the actor above has activated.


  • When a perk fragment script is first created, it isn't possible to add properties to it. You must first close the Perk dialog window and then reopen it before adding properties to the script.

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