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Member of: Actor Script

Makes the actor path to the target reference at a given speed.


bool Function PathToReference(ObjectReference aTarget, float afWalkRunPercent) native


  • aTarget: The target reference to path to.
  • afWalkRunPercent: The speed to move with, as a percentage of the walk/run speeds (valid range 0 -> 1)

Return Value

Whether the actor completed the path. Reasons for failure include:

  • Not being able to build a path to the target
  • The path being interrupted by another path request (possibly from AI/Package code)
  • The speed parameter isn't in the valid range 0->1


; Make actor path to the player at half speed
Bob.PathToReference(Game.GetPlayer(), 0.5)


  • This function is latent. It will suspend the script's execution until the path is either complete or failed/was interrupted.

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