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Member of: Actor Script (Requires 1.6)

Event called when the player loads a save game. This event is only sent to the player actor. If this is the first save game load where the event is being listened to, and the event is on an alias, and the alias didn't exist at the time the save was made, then the player won't be in the alias by the time the event is sent, and the alias script will not receive the event. It should then receive later events.


Event OnPlayerLoadGame()




  • Normal use
; Event is only sent to the player actor. This would probably be on a magic effect or alias script
Event OnPlayerLoadGame()
  Debug.Trace("player loaded a save, do some fancy stuff")
  • Do something exactly once per save load

Say you need something to happen exactly once every time a save is loaded including the first and you're using a ReferenceAlias filled with the Player. In the below example with a quest flagged as "Start Game Enabled" and set to "Run Once" from within its Quest Data Tab, we maintain a Float Property (valueless in editor) such that it will invariably reflect the version loaded. Use an OnInit event in the quest's script to catch the first save load...

ScriptName YourQuestScript extends Quest
Float Property fYourModVersion Auto
Event OnInit()
Function Maintenance()
	If fYourModVersion < 1.23 ; Current version
		If fYourModVersion
			Debug.Trace("Updating from version " + fYourModVersion)
			Debug.Trace("Initializing for the first time.")
		fYourModVersion = 1.23

...and use your player alias' OnPlayerLoadGame event to catch each consecutive save load.

ScriptName YourPlayerAliasScript extends ReferenceAlias
YourQuestScript Property QuestScript Auto
Event OnPlayerLoadGame()


This event is only sent to the player actor. It is recommended that you handle this event via an alias the player is forced into, or a magic effect on the player.
This event will not be sent when starting a new game. See the discussion page for more information.

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