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Member of: ActiveMagicEffect Script, Alias Script, and Form Script

Event called when a viewer goes from seeing the target, to not seeing the target - if this active magic effect/alias/form is registered for it.


Event OnLostLOS(Actor akViewer, ObjectReference akTarget)


  • akViewer: The Actor that was viewing the target until LOS was lost.
  • akTarget: The ObjectReference that the actor can no longer see.


Function SomeFunction()
  RegisterForSingleLOSLost(Game.GetPlayer(), Kettle) ; Before we can use OnLostLOS we must register.
Event OnLostLOS(Actor akViewer, ObjectReference akTarget)
	;/ If other registrations had been done, we would want to check the viewer and target
	   But since we only registered for one we know what it is
	   Since we only did single los lost, we'll only get this once /;
	Debug.Trace("Player just looked away from the kettle, so boil it!")


  • Aliases and quests will automatically unregister for this event when the quest stops. Active magic effects will automatically unregister when they are removed.
  • This event is not relayed to any aliases or magic effects attached to the form.

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