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Member of: Actor Script

Event called when this actor moves from one location to another.


Event OnLocationChange(Location akOldLoc, Location akNewLoc)


  • akOldLoc: The Location that we left (may be None).
  • akNewLoc: The Location that we entered (may be None).


Event OnLocationChange(Location akOldLoc, Location akNewLoc)
  if (Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation() == akOldLoc)
    Debug.Trace("We have left the player's location!")


  • Keep in mind that Locations can be large groups of multiple cells, sometimes including numerous interior and exterior cells. As a result, this event may not be ideal for use as a general purpose cell movement tracker. Try OnCellLoad or OnCellAttach instead.
  • This event will not be called on a dragon in flight. The dragon must first land and make contact with the navmesh before an OnLocationChange will be called.
  • The vast majority of Skyrim's exterior cells are wilderness and as such they do not have locations attached to their form. As result, this Event will return none for all wilderness cells that do not have location.

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