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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Event called when the object's 3d is loaded and ready. At this point you should be able to animate the object, or manipulate it in other ways without issues. This event is sent every time the 3d is loaded, which may happen multiple times in a single game session.


Event OnLoad()




Event OnLoad()
  Debug.Trace("This object is loaded, playing animations should work now")


  • This event is only sent when an object's 3d is loaded. This may or may not have anything to do with its parent cell and/or the player's location in the world.
  • To be clear: For interiors, it often looks like this event fires whenever the player enters the cell. It doesn't. If you leave a cell, the cell may or may not have unloaded by the time you return, which means this event may or may not fire again. If you need a reliable event every time the player enters a cell, try attaching an OnCellAttach event to any Object Reference in the cell instead.
  • This event will NOT ever fire if used in a Player Alias script. The only event related to cell attachment or 3D-loading that the Player themselves seems to trigger is OnCellLoad.
  • This event doesn't fire reliably for references that load 3D while or immediately after the player loads a savegame.

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