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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Event called when this reference's parent cell is attached.


Event OnCellAttach()




Event OnCellAttach()
  Debug.Trace("Our parent cell has attached")


  • This event seems to be reliably called before OnCellLoad.
  • This event will NOT fire in the first cell(s) loaded while loading from a save game.
  • For notes on the meaning of attachment, see the talk page.
  • This event will NOT ever fire if used in a Player Alias script. The only cell attachment-related event that the Player seems to trigger is OnCellLoad
  • However, if you want to use this to track the player that is involved in a quest(not as an alias) you can make an xmarker and place it in the cell where you expect the player to be and attach a script containing this event, and check against the cell the player is in. This will work in conjunction with OnCellDetach.

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