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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Moves this object to the position (and rotation) of the specified node on the specified object's 3D


Function MoveToNode(ObjectReference akTarget, string asNodeName) native


  • akTarget: The target reference that contains the interaction location to move to.
  • asNodeName: The name of the node to match position and rotation to.

Return Value



; Move the sword to bob's hand
Sword.MoveToNode(Bob, "Hand")


  • MoveToNode can unload an object's 3D and reset any motion type changes you've made to the object. If you know for sure that the object's 3D is loaded, SplineTranslateToRefNode can be used with a very high speed value to instantaneously teleport the object to the proper node, without the risk of unloading its 3D or resetting its physics.

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