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Member of: Actor Script

Modifies the specified actor value on the actor.


Function ModActorValue(string asValueName, float afAmount) native
Function ModAV(string asValueName, float afAmount)
  ModActorValue(asValueName, afAmount)


  • asValueName: The name of the actor value to modify. Actor Value List
  • afAmount: How much to modify the value by.

Return Value



; Modify the player's current health actor value by 10
Game.GetPlayer().ModActorValue("health", 10.0)

; Modify Jake's current health actor value by -5.0
Actor Jake= Jake_Alias.GetReference() as Actor
Jake.ModAV("Health", -5.0)


  • This function modifies the current value as opposed to the base value.
  • ModActorValue is distinct from DamageActorValue because it adjusts the maximum value for the AV, while DamageActorValue or RestoreActorValue only adjust the current value. For example, if an actor has 100 Health, ModActorValue by -10 will lower the health total to 90/90, whereas DamageActorValue by 10 will result in 90/100 Health.

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