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The dialogue in a Quest's Misc Tab will play in response to other events generated by the game. The Misc Tab can have one Topic for each of these events (Hello, Goodbye, etc.), and a stack of Infos associated with each event.


Misc Dialogue Subtypes

Misc Dialogue has the following event subtypes:

  • CombatGrunt: Randomly said during combat?
  • Goodbye: Said when player exits dialogue with the actor.
  • Hello: Said by actors when the player first approaches them, or when the player interacts with them, when not prevented by a Blocking Branch.
  • Idle: Randomly played when the actor is idle.
  • PursueIdleTopic: Randomly said by guards pursuing a criminal?
  • TimeToGo: Said when player is trespassing.

Comments on Events

  • ActorCollidewithActor: Said when the player bumps into the actor.
  • DestroyObject: Not used.
  • KnockOverObject: Said when the player collides with a physics object.
  • LockedObject: Said when the player looks at a locked object and it would be a crime to open it.
  • NoticeCorpse: Said when the actor notices a corpse.
  • ObserveCombat: Said when the actor sees combat and is not taking part in it.
  • PickpocketTopic: Said when the player seems to be trying to pickpocket.
  • PlayerIronSights: Said when the player aims at someone with a drawn bow. Not used?
  • PlayerShout: Said when the player uses a shout nearby.
  • ShootBow: Said when the player shoots with a bow outside combat.
  • StandonFurniture: Not used.
  • SwingMeleeWeapon: Said when the player swings a melee weapon outside combat.
  • ZKeyObject: Said when the player is holding an object with physics.

Player Specific

  • EnterSprintBreath: Played when the player is sprinting.
  • EnterBowZoomBreath: Played when the player zooms with a bow.
  • ExitBowZoomBreath: Played when the player exits bow zoom.
  • Jump: Not used?
  • LeaveWaterBreath: Played when the player exits water.
  • OutofBreath: Played when the player is low on stamina after sprinting.
  • PlayerCastProjectileSpell: Not used?
  • PlayerCastSelfSpell: Not used?


  • SharedInfo: SharedInfos do not trigger in response to an event, but instead contain dialogue that can be reused elsewhere in the game. See the SharedInfo page for more information.

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