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Extends: Form Script

Script for the manipulation of Message base objects.


ScriptName Message extends Form



Global Functions

ResetHelpMessage(String asEvent)
  • Resets the status of a help message input event, allowing a message to be displayed for that input event

Member Functions

Int Show(Float afArg1, Float afArg2, Float afArg3, Float afArg4, Float afArg5, Float afArg6, Float afArg7, Float afArg8, Float afArg9)
  • Shows this message on the screen, substituting in the appropriate numbers. If it's a message box, it waits til the user closes it and returns the button they hit.
ShowAsHelpMessage(String asEvent, Float afDuration, Float afInterval, Int aiMaxTimes)
  • Shows help message for a user action on screen.




  • Message boxes have a 1023 character limit, any longer and Skyrim will crash to desktop when attempting to display the message. This limit is based on the number of characters entered into the editor, including numerical formatting characters and quest text substitution tags.

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