Location Script

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Extends: Form Script

Script for the manipulation of location base objects.


ScriptName Location extends Form



Global Functions


Member Functions

Float GetKeywordData(Keyword akKeyword)
  • Returns the float value associated with the specified keyword attached to this location.
Int GetRefTypeAliveCount(LocationRefType akRefType)
  • Returns the number of alive enabled references matching the specified LocationRefType.
Int GetRefTypeDeadCount(LocationRefType akRefType)
  • Returns the number of dead enabled references matching the specified LocationRefType.
Bool HasCommonParent(Location akOther, Keyword akFilter)
  • Returns if the two locations have a common parent, filtered with the Keyword.
Bool HasRefType(LocationRefType akRefType)
Bool IsCleared()
  • Gets whether this location is flagged as "cleared" or not.
Bool IsChild(Location akOther)
  • Checks to see if the other location is a child of this one.
Bool IsLoaded()
  • Is this location currently loaded?
Bool IsSameLocation(Location akOtherLocation, Keyword akKeyword)
  • Returns true if this location is the same as the supplied location
SetCleared(Bool abCleared)
  • Flags this location as cleared (or not).
SetKeywordData(Keyword akKeyword, Float afData)
  • Sets the specified Keyword's data on this location.