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A Keyword represents metadata (a named bit of information) that can be added to most objects (such as Locations, Actors, or Named LinkRefs). Keywords do nothing in and of themselves, but are often used by Condition Functions or other game systems.

For example:

  • Banish spells only affect Actors that have the 'ActorTypeDaedra' Keyword.
  • The Enchanting System will prevent the player from disenchanting items with the 'MagicDisallowEnchanting' Keyword.
  • The 'VendorItem' Keywords determine which kinds of merchants will buy the item from the player.

Keyword Dialog

  • ID: The Keyword's Editor ID.
  • RGB: Optionally, an RGB color to use for Named LinkRefs that use this Keyword

Optionally, each instance of a Keyword on an object can also be assigned a numeric value. The 'value' of a Keyword can't be set in the Editor, but it can be done through script (see, for example, SetKeywordData and GetKeywordData).

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