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Member of: Actor Script

Does the actor have the specified item equipped?


bool Function IsEquipped(Form akItem) native


  • akItem: The item to check for. If a FormList, checks if any form in the list is equipped.

Return Value

If the actor has the item equipped or not.


; Does the player have the uber sword equipped?
if (Game.GetPlayer().IsEquipped(UberSwordProperty))
  Debug.Trace("The player has the uber sword equipped")


  • Specifying a light that can be carried (e.g., torches) as akItem will always return false no matter if the light is equipped or not. To determine if the actor has a light equipped, use GetEquippedItemType(). Light forms will send OnObjectEquipped() events, however.
  • This function doesn't check the left hand when a character is dual wielding. See Talk:IsEquipped - Actor‎ for an alternative.

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