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The Actor Inventory Tab lists all of the Items that the actor is carrying or wearing by default.

Note that additional items can be added in a variety of other ways (through Script, Quest Aliases, from the Traits Tab's Death Item, etc.), so this list may not be comprehensive.


Outfits are predetermined sets of items, such as a full suit of armor. In most cases, Actors will only wear armor that is in their outfit.

  • Default Outfit: This is the Actor's 'standard' outfit (clothes for townspeople, armor for guards, etc.).
  • Sleep Outfit: Not used.
  • Outfit Objects: A list of the items in the Actor's Default Outfit. This list cannot be changed (change the Outfit instead), but is here for reference.
  • Geared Up Weapons: Not used.


  • Inventory List: You can add items to the Actor's inventory by dragging them in from the Object Window, or by right-clicking, selecting new, and then choosing the item you want from the Object field.
  • For each object in this list, you can set:
    • Object: The ID of the object.
    • Count: The quantity of the object the Actor has.
    • Health%: Not used.
    • Owner/Faction: The Actor or Faction who owns the item and will consider it stealing if you take it. If left blank, this Actor owns the item by default.
    • Global Variable: Not used.
    • Required Rank: Not used.
  • Preview Calculated Result: Given a Preview Level, calculates the contents of the Actor's inventory (resolving any leveled items) and shows you the resulting list.

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