How to fill a location alias with a child location

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Sometimes you need to get a sub location, usually to find a location ref type in it, rather than in the parent location. You might already have a town alias, or a fort alias, and need to find an inn location, or prison location, so you can find a homeowner, or prisoner.

To find a "sublocation" do the following.

First you need to fill a reference alias with something you know is in the parent location. Easy way to do that is to fill it using ref type of "LocationCenterMarker".

Then the tricky hard to remember part: Create a Location Alias, Find Matching Location with the following condition:

  • Subject HasSameEditorLocAsRefAlias Alias:(an alias you already have that you know is in the parent location), Keyword: (Something that corresponds to the parent location's "level" [ie 'LocTypeHabitation' to find a sub location of town or city])

Additionally you can add other conditions to further narrow your search. For example:

  • LocationHasRefType Location Ref Type: (Boss) -- this will make sure the location has a boss in it
  • LocationHasKeyword Keyword: (LocTypeInn) -- this will make sure the location is an Inn.
  • etc.