HeadPart Script

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Extends: Form Script

Script for the manipulation of HeadPart base objects. (This type requires SKSE)


ScriptName HeadPart extends Form



Global Functions


Member Functions


SKSE Global Functions

HeadPart GetHeadPart(String name)
  • Returns the HeadPart that has the specified name.

SKSE Member Functions

Int GetType()
  • Returns type of this head part.
Int GetNumExtraParts()
  • Returns the number of extra head parts this HeadPart has.
HeadPart GetNthExtraPart(Int n)
  • Returns the Nth extra head part of this HeadPart.
Bool HasExtraPart(HeadPart part)
  • Returns whether this HeadPart has 'part' as an extra part.
Int GetIndexOfExtraPart(HeadPart part)
  • Returns the index of this extra part, returns -1 if it is not an extra part.
FormList GetValidRaces()
  • Returns the FormList containing all of the valid races this HeadPart applies to.
SetValidRaces(FormList races)
  • Sets the formlist of valid races of this HeadPart to be 'races'.