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Member of: Actor Script

Gets this actor's sleep state.


int Function GetSleepState() native



Return Value

The actor's current sleep state.

The following values are returned:

  • 0 - Not sleeping
  • 2 - Not sleeping, wants to sleep
  • 3 - Sleeping
  • 4 - Sleeping, wants to wake


; Is the actor sleeping?
if (Sleepy.GetSleepState() == 3)
  Debug.Trace("Sleepy is sleeping!")


  • GetSleeping also has a return value of 1 when the actor is loading the sleep idle. This return value is not documented for this function.
  • It is undocumented whether this function will work on the player. Exercise caution and update this page with the results of any tests. You may need to use IsPCSleeping instead.
    • This function will return 3 when the player is using a furniture marker that causes the player to play any of the IdleBed* Anim Events. If this is a furniture marker with a Sit marker, GetSitState() will return 2 (Not sitting, wants to sit) until the player completely lays down, at which point GetSitState() will return 0 and GetSleepState() will return 3.

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