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Member of: Actor Script

Gets the relationship rank between this actor and another.

NOTE: Relationship data is NOT stored for Templated Actors, and any scripts that would set relationship data on a Templated actor will get wiped once your game session is over (which obviously has bad implications for Save/Load).


int Function GetRelationshipRank(Actor akOther) native


  • akOther: The other actor to determine our relationship with.

Return Value

The relationship rank between the two actors.

The following values are returned:

  • 4: Lover
  • 3: Ally
  • 2: Confidant
  • 1: Friend
  • 0: Acquaintance
  • -1: Rival
  • -2: Foe
  • -3: Enemy
  • -4: Archnemesis


; Does the daedra like the player?
if daedra.GetRelationshipRank(Game.GetPlayer()) >= 1
  Debug.Trace("Daedra likes the player")

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