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Member of: Quest Script

Type: SKSE Global Function.

Returns the quest of the specified editor id, or None if none match.


Quest Function GetQuest(string editorId) global native



The editor id of the Quest you wish to get.

Return Value

The quest associated with the entered editorid, if no quest has the exact editor id this will return None.


  • Quests do not have to be running to be collected.
  • This can be a good alternative to using GetFormFromFile to return quests, or to check for a certain plugin to be present, as authors rarely change editor ids.


In this example a simple check is performed to check for Dragonborn.esm via a known quest:

;Check for a Dragonborn quest and implicitly cast the quest return to a boolean (None = False)
bool isDLC2Present = Quest.GetQuest("DLC2CultistAmbush")
If isDLC2Present
	;Perform Logic dependent on Dragonborn being present.
Else ;If it is not installed only one other possibility. 
	Debug.Trace("Dragonborn.esm was not present.")

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