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Member of: Game Script

Obtains the actor representing the player.


Actor Function GetPlayer() native global



Return Value

The Actor that represents the player.


; Print out the player to the log
Debug.Trace("Player is " + Game.GetPlayer())


Use this function if you only need need to access the player once in a script. Otherwise, use an actor property named "PlayerREF" as demonstrated below since properties are literally 1,000 times faster (See: CK Forum Thread) than this function. The CK will auto-fill said property with the player's hardcoded reference, ACHR:00000014. While it's true that filling a property will make the reference persistent, the player (and most actors for that matter) are already necessarily persistent.

Actor Property PlayerRef Auto
Event OnInit()
	Debug.Trace("Player is " + PlayerRef)

In the event you are referring to the player more than once, sometimes you can minimize use of GetPlayer, utilizing an event's arguments as a free way to cache PlayerREF and in turn expedite your script.

Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)
	If akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer()
		Int iCount = akActionRef.GetItemCount(kWidget)
		If iCount
			akActionRef.RemoveItem(kWidget, iCount)
			akActionRef.AddItem(kBauble, iCount)

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