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SKSE Member of: Cell Script

Returns the ObjectReference at the Nth index in the Cell based on the FormType filter. (This function requires SKSE)


ObjectReference Function GetNthRef(int n, int formTypeFilter = 0)


  • n: The index at which the ObjectReference is located in the Cell with respect to the FormType filter.
  • formTypeFilter: Filters the list of which ObjectReferences are able to be retrieved, see GetType - Form for a list of FormTypes.

Return Value

Returns the ObjectReferences in the Cell at the Nth index based on the FormType filter.


  • Using a filter type of zero results in returning all object references in the cell.
  • If using a filter type make sure to use the same filter when determining the maximum amount.


Function PickEveryFlowerInCell(Actor akFlowerPicker) Global
	Cell kCell = akFlowerPicker.GetParentCell()
	Int iIndex = kCell.GetNumRefs(39) ; kFlora = 39
	While iIndex
		iIndex -= 1
		kCell.GetNthRef(iIndex, 39).Activate(akFlowerPicker)

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