GetNthRecoveryTime - Shout

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Member of: Shout Script (Requires SKSE)

Gets the specified recovery time for the Nth Word of this shout.


Float Function GetNthRecoveryTime(Int n) native


  • Int n: The corresponding number for the WordOfPower associated with this Shout.
  • 0 - Recovery Time for first word.
  • 1 - Recovery Time for second word.
  • 2 - Recovery Time for third word.

Return value

  • The recovery time value of this word of power for this shout.


Shout property UnrelentingForceShout auto
; Obtain Word Fus recovery time for Unrelenting Force.
Float fFusRecoveryTime = UnrelentingForceShout.GetNthRecoveryTime(0)

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