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SKSE Member of: ObjectReference Script

Minimum required SKSE Version: 1.05.01

Returns the Nth form within a container relative to the total number acquired with GetNumItems. (This function requires SKSE)


Form Function GetNthForm(Int Index) Native

Return Value

Returns the Nth form in the calling container.


  • The Index of a form in the container is relative to the number of form types regardless of the count of any particular form. If a container has only ten gold and a torch, GetNumItems will return '2' and not '11', so passing '3' as the Index argument of GetNthForm in such a case would return NONE.


  • Check a single container.
Form kForm = MQ101AlduinREF.GetNthForm(0)
  • Set the weights of all ingredients in player's inventory to 0.1.
Actor Property PlayerREF Auto
Event SomeEvent()
	ReweighIngredientsIn(PlayerREF, 0.1)
Function ReweighIngredientsIn(ObjectReference akContainer, Float afWeight) Global
	Int iFormIndex = akContainer.GetNumItems()
	While iFormIndex > 0
		iFormIndex -= 1
		Form kForm = akContainer.GetNthForm(iFormIndex)
		If kForm.GetType() == 30 ; Ingredient

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