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SKSE Member of: Form Script

Returns the name of the passed form. (This function requires SKSE)


String Function GetName() native


  • None.

Return Value

  • The name of the form as a string.


; Obtain Bob's name and show a message using it.
String BobName = Bob.GetBaseObject().GetName()
Debug.MessageBox("My name's " + BobName + "!")
; My name's Bob!

; Remove all the NPC's items if his name's Bob
if BobReference.GetBaseObject().GetName() == "Bob"


  • This function does not work on actors or object references, use the actor base or base object instead.
  • This doesn't return the name in its EditorID form. But name under the name column. If using this function, take in account for forms that may not have a name.

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