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SKSE Member of: Armor Script

Returns the file path for the NetImmerse File (.nif) representing the world & inventory model of the armor. (This function requires SKSE)


string Function GetModelPath(bool bFemalePath) native


  • bFemalePath: Whether to get the file path of the male model (false) or female model (true) of the armor.

Return Value

A string representing the file path of the model from the Data\Meshes folder.


; Retrieve the file path for the male model of ArmorIronCuirass
String FilePath = (Game.GetForm(0x00012E49) as Armor).GetModelPath(False)
; Returns "Armor\Iron\Male\CuirassLightGND.nif"


  • This is to retrieve the file of the world & inventory model. That means the model you see in your inventory and when the armor is on the ground, not when it is equipped.
  • To retrieve the file used for equipped armor on actors, run GetModelPath - ArmorAddon on the appropriate ArmorAddon object.

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