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SKSE Member of: Game Script

Returns the name of the mod at the specified Index. (This function requires SKSE)


string Function GetModName(int modIndex) native global


  • modIndex = Number of the mod.

Return Value

Returns the name of the mod at the specified index.


String Nameofmod
Function ModName()
	Nameofmod = Game.GetModName(0) ;Gets Name of Mod eg. Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Hearthfire.esm, etc.(In this case it should return Skyrim.esm)
	Debug.Trace("The zeroth index contains " + NameofMod)    


  • This function can be a little misleading, it returns the .esm or .esp in your load order, eg. Skyrim.esm. A mod however could be named, for example "Fall of Saber" and have a esp called "Tigers.esp". This would return "Tigers.esp" and not "Fall of Saber".

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