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SKSE Member of: Game Script

Returns the number of mods currently active. (This function requires SKSE)


int Function GetModCount() native global

Return Value

Returns the number of mods currently active.


int Numberofmods
String Nameofmod
String NameofAuth
String Description
Function PrintModlist()
	Numberofmods = Game.GetModCount() ;The number of active mods.
	while NumberofMods
		NumberofMods -= 1
		Nameofmod = Game.GetModName(NumberofMods) ;Gets Name of Mod eg. Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Hearthfire.esm, etc.
		NameofAuth = Game.GetModAuthor(NumberofMods) ; If a Author is specified then it will return a name if not will be blank
		Description = Game.GetModDescription(NumberofMods) ;If a Description is available then it will be shown otherwise will be blank
		Debug.Trace(NumberofMods + "th index contains " + NameofMod)
		Debug.Trace("Author: " + NameofAuth)
		Debug.Trace("Description: " + Description)


  • By number of mods, it refers to the amount of .esm and .esp files in the load order, as mods can have multiple .esps or .esms the number that is returned can be higher than actual mods.

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